159.731 - Assignment 3


To be submitted by 30th May 2008


On the web site you will find the image shown above. Your task is to write a program to unblur this image so that it looks as good as possible. The better the image looks the more marks you will get. You can use any method you like.

Your program should read the input file "clown.tif" and write the file "output.tif", both in the current directory.

The picture was taken with an autofocus camera which focused on the background instead of the clown, I found that a good approximation to the blurring function is an exponential (e-kr) with a radius of about 5.5 pixels.

Your program should be a single source file (no headers except tiffio.c and stdio.h or iostream). Your code must compile with the gcc compiler in the labs. You may like to use the code in fft.c as the basis of your program.

You should submit your program source code electronically from the web page. No group submissions are allowed.





Martin 2008