159.731 - Assignment 2

To be submitted by 9th May 2008

On the web site you will find the seven images, similar to those shown above. Your task is to write a program to find the location of the camera in each image.

The output from your program should be two numbers, the distance of the camera from the left wall of the corridor and the height of the the camera from the floor, both in mm.

If you want to take any measurements of the corridor, it is conveniently located near my office.

Your program should be a single source file (no headers except tiffio.c and stdio.h or iostream).Your code must compile with the GNU g++ compiler.

Programs that do not compile and run without modification will lose marks.

You should submit your program source code electronically from http://cs-alb-pc3.massey.ac.nz.

Martin 2008