159.731 - Assignment 1

To be submitted by 7th April 2008

This Assignment is concerned with implementing an image enhancement method called the Extremum Filter which is defined as follows:

Write a program in C or C++ which will allow this filter to be applied to various test images. The web page (http://cs-alb-pc3.massey.ac.nz) contains a simple image I/O library, some test images and two simple example programs.

Your program must take 3 parameters and take no other input e.g.

extremum input.tif output.tif 15

The last parameter is the neighbourhood size (width and height of the neighbourhood). Your program should allow large neighbourhood sizes (at least 31*31 pixels) and be as fast as possible (hint: use a moving histogram). Only allow odd neighbourhood sizes. Ignore any neighbourhood pixels which lie outside the image.

Your program should be a single source file (no headers except tiffio.c and stdio.h or iostream). Your code must compile with the GNU g++ compiler.

Programs that do not compile and run without modification will lose marks.

You should submit your program source code electronically from the web page.