Computer Science 59.318 Course Outline

Course Outline (Knowledge-Based Systems)


This part of 318 concerns knowledge based systems and AI. AI is a well researched subject that explores some of the most advanced uses of computers. It has been known for a long time that machines can be used to solve complex problems. However, it is only relatively recently that we have had machines powerful enough for this task.

We will look at knowledge based systems but the main focus of the course will be AI.


Winston, P.H., Artificial Intelligence, (Addison-Wesley 1992)
Gonzalez, A.J. & Dankel D.D., The Engineering of Knowledge Based Systems., (Prentice Hall, 1993)

The 59.318 Study Material will be heavily used


The course will be assessed by a combination of practical and theoretical work.
There will be three assignments and one three hour exam.
The marks for this course will be divided as follows:


Lectures: 2 lectures per week. Attendance is not compulsory; if you feel that your time would be better spent working on the assignments then by all means do so.

Tutorials: Tutorials will be arranged informally during the course.

Submission of Assignments

The assignments will be steps towards the production of a complete system using AI techniques. You will be required to

To ensure a good grade in this course it is important that you attempt all assignments.

All assignments will be marked out of 25, marks will be awarded for any work handed in. Each day that an assignment is late, the final mark for that assignment will be penalised by 1 mark.

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