Results for assignment 2

ID      Mark          Comments
08118264 24  very good all works and is fast
92031098 18  good 
94049423 17  works, but does not deal with borrow correctly,
94066761 18  good, works but is quite slow 
94115418 18  good.
95027091 18  ok, works but is very slow
95027482 22  good, works and is quite fast
95036279 18  good 
95040411 16 ok
95042775 15* good......but see below 
95042835 25  very good - works and is fast with hw changes. 
95044336 20  good works but is a bit slow
95052800 14* misses characters.... see below 
95054455 17  good 
95054773 20  good, works but is a bit slow 
95055311 16  good but quite slow, misses characters and is confused about mariszero 
95073298 18  good, works but is slow 
96099487 13  reasonable attempt but does not work, you are confused about jumps 
96119186 15* good......but see below
96142188 24  very good 
96152345 20  good but a bit slow 
97014310 20  good but slow 
97020205 17  works once but you keep mem high too much and it writes over characters 
97045690 18  works but is a bit slow and does not clear pc 
97086354 20  works but is rather slow 
97090270 20  good, works but is slow 
97137390 8   does not increment the PC, clears it instead!
97241716 24  very good, fast

General Comments:

The test program you were given did not test all the possible instruction combinations. As a result it was possible to write microcode that ran the test program but did not execute an instruction exactly as given on the assignment sheet. If your submission did this you will have lost a few marks.

The assignments marked will a * were too similar for my liking and I have taken some marks off these. If you are one of these and you think this is unfair, come and see me; explain exactly how your microcode works and I will give you the marks back.

Here are all the submissions, with automatic RTL translations.