159.302 Assignment 2
Due 13th October 2008

This Assignment involves writing a program recognise faces.
You must write a program to learn from a set of training faces to classify a set of test faces.
Your program should read a file called "train.txt" in the current directory containing a list of filenames and  numbers, e.g..

1a.img 1
1b.img 1
2a.img 2
3b.img 3

These files will contain training images, the number gives the correct classification for the image. Each file contains 10,000 bytes giving the pixel values from left to right and top to bottom in a 100x100 pixel greyscale image. Using this training set, your program should build a model that it can use for classification. Next, your program should read a file called "test.txt" containing the filenames of some test images, e.g.


The output from your program should be a list of numbers giving the classification for each test image.

The file "correct.txt" will contain the correct classifications so you can check your program. (your program shouldn't read this though).

All the files you need are available from the web page as a2.zip

I will use some different images (of the same people) to mark your assignments, the more you recognise the more marks you will get.

Your program should be written in standard C or C++ and must compile with gcc/g++.

Your source code must be in a single file, your program can use temporary files but it can not have access to any data except the test set and training setMarks will be deducted for programs that take a long time to train or classify.  Group work is not allowed.

M Johnson 2008